Essar Engineering Pte. Ltd. manufactures and supplies components of industrial pumps suitable for various domestic, chemical, Power, Manufacturing, Steel, Fish Hatcheries, Food, Mining, Marine, Computer, Pulp & Paper, Animal Feed, food processing, commercial and other industry sectors.

Our Industrial range of pumps are engineered for use in harsh and heavy duty industrial applications and deliver the functionality and durability required for success in the most demanding industrial applications.

Range of Pumps we supply

Centrifugal Pumps
Oil Ring Vacuum Pumps, Water ring Vacuum Pumps
Chemical Dosing Pumps

Centrifugal Blowers

Essar Engineering Pte. Ltd. Specializing in cast aluminum and fabricated steel, aluminum and stainless steel fan components in the 1/4 to 125 horsepower range. Centrifugal Blower Components are engineered to be robust and efficient, while easy to maintain and provides a highly effective stream of air for your air or gas handling requirements.

Range of Blowers

We supply Blower Components for multi applications and are used for Suction blower, High Pressure Blower, Exhaust Blower, SISW Blower DIDW Fan, DIDW Blower, FD Fan, FD Blower, Forced Draft Blower, Induced Draft Blower, Back Ward Curved Blower, Airfoil Blower Radial Blower, Hot air circulator blower, Plug Fan, Plug Blower, Multi Vapor Recompression Fan (MVR Blower), Customized Blower Blowers For Dryer, Pneumatic Conveying Blower, Water Jacketed Bearing Block, Low Pressure Blower, Medium Pressure blower